Brill Windmill, Buckinghamshire

I’d been getting up at 4.30/5am for work all week so, knowing I’d be waking up at the same time yesterday (Saturday), I decided to go out early and do a full test with the Mavic Pro Platinum.

I’m quite happy with the final result but I wished I could’ve gotten better footage of the front. Alas, the low sun turned it into a silhouette!
Yes, theres music but if its not to your taste you can always hit the mute button!

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Brill is on my list of places to visit :slight_smile: Nice video!

Well worth a trip.
Thank you!

Where did you launch from been looking for best time to shoot this windmill for a few years, just never got around to actually doing it, great video

TOAL was from the edge of the car park.
I started around 0630 and by 0800 there was quite a few dog walkers about. I’d say it would probably get busier as the day went on.

Yep although it’s a small village I bet it gets busy from beyond 8am think it’ll be another early morning flight for me. Thanks for the TOAL point always good to know a spot to fly from​:+1::+1: