Broadway Tower

Taken using a DJI Mini 3 Pro.


Hi I was there earlier this year but it was covered in scaffolding, has this all now been removed.

Yep - no sign of scaffolding anywhere.

If you get chance to go back, probably need to wait till 2023 BST now then it’s always worth going for a sunrise or sunset as it looks amazing. It’s the only place I make an annual effort to go too. I guess I’m ‘lucky’ it’s ‘only’ a 2 hour round trip.

Plus the bonus of no tons of people ruining your pictures unless you’re happy to edit them out later which is easy enough these days.

Yes, a sunset would work brilliantly, wouldn’t it? Definitely worth considering. We’re only about half an hour away.

Will be going back soon, also like to see the dear park.

Some inspiration.

They liked the last two so much they’ve purchased them for promotional materials.



Makes me think a dawn pic with mist in the valley would look amazing. :slight_smile:

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Love all the pix, it’s about a 2 hour drive for me. Maybe next year.

lovely photos

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