Brocken Spectre

Off on my holibobs, spotted a nice Brocken Spectre as we started our descent. Not the best of footage, but it was something to see. :slight_smile:


Hi Joe, there is no video, can you upload again, thanks.

Playing ok for me.

Just a weird soundtrack for me. No video…:speech_balloon:

Weird, the video plays ok on my Apple stuff but not on my Windows stuff (like @Alphi1847 I just get audio, not video).

Missing codec on my PC maybe? :thinking:

No video for me either, s9+

Plays fine on my Mac Book. Windows issue?

Hmm… took it on the iPhone, trimmed it there then iCloud photo-sync to iPad and posted it from there. Guess it got some Cupertino juice on it somewhere along the way.

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Don’t let the CAA see that, quite obviously a drone :wink:

(Played ok on iOS and OSX)

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Just audio for me as well.

Audio only for me if viewed embedded but I can download it on my phone and it then plays fine (using MX Player app). So others may want to try downloading and playing locally.

Video/Audio both fine. Windows/Android

Trust me, it’s really not worth the effort :wink:


Joe can hear some sound but no video

Honestly, nobody is missing out here… it’s just a short clip of a slightly blurry shadow of a plane on a cloud, surrounded by a rainbow. It’s a cool effect to see, but I barely had time to focus and was leaning across two seats so it’s really not my best work :wink: