Bugs 5w phone non connection

Hi flyers, can anyone tell me how to make connections from a mjx bugs 5w to Motorola e5 plus android. At the moment in the UK we have 2.4Ghz and the drones WIFI 5.8Ghz. So it’s not showing up on my phone WFI list? I have installed bugs go app Thanks.

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Looking at your phones specs it does support 5ghz WiFi so that’s a good start.

The bugs 5W’s controller connects using 2.4ghz and the bugs 5W’s camera connects using the 5ghz band.

Apart from making sure the controller is connect to your drone and then making the phone connection there shouldn’t be a problem unless something is faulty.

Has it connected before? :thinking:

Okay, stating again and upon more research,

It looks like your phone, the Motorola E5 plus does not support 5G WiFi.

My mistake up top, I was reading about 5ghz WiFi.
5G and 5Ghz are 2 very different things.

I still maybe wrong so please do some more research but from what I’ve read it looks like your phone won’t connect because it’s only 3G/4G ready.

The 3/4g is data connection the 5 G drones refer to is a GHZ signal…a speed of wifi connection not a connection type such as 5G.
You will need to watch a youtube video of your phone but should be ok.
Some older drones and pphones are 2.4ghz and newer phones are normally both, it is actuaclly 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz just rounded off down and it does cause confusion as to 5G internet coming out regards connection and speed.
GHZ or refered to as “5G” by the manufactures is a frequency not a connection type.


Interesting, thanks for the info. Hopefully it helps him. :pray:


Yes very confusing from the manufacturers…a bit like the new rules and anything the goverment tells us lol.

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This explains it more, I am not working for the site by the way lol


Looking at the spec of your phone it claims to be 802.11b/g/n. The 5GHz WiFi specific spec needed to connect to the video stream is 802.11ac, which according to the specifications your phone, unfortunately, does not support.



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A big thank you to all of you for your time and trouble. It’s what I suspected. I suppose I could look for the US refurbished and use that as a dedicated phone solely for the drone.
Thanks again, everyone.


Most welcome, good luck with finding the fix, and be sure to keep us posted :ok_hand:

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Hi @Phoenix, Ken.

I’m not sure what you mean by “US refurbished” but if you mean an Android Phone for the American market I would be careful. The European 5GHz WiFi allocation uses different channels to that of the American system. Most Euro Android devices can not access the American 5.8GHz WiFi channels, and possibly visa-versa.


Maybe see if you can try a family member or friends phone to test, then look for a second hand model. :thinking:

Good idea! I’ll ask around, thanks🤔


Find older ver od app.
I solved the same problem with ver 4.0
Just find it on aptoide