Bullers of Buchan

Popular North East of Scotland beauty spot. A sea cave where the roof has collapsed. You can walk around it if you dare, not for the faint hearted. Very slippery when wet, great viewing point for sea birds, Puffins can be seen here.


Great spot, lovely photos!

Fancy dropping your drone down the hole and getting a 360 pano?

Just kidding!


Fantastic place. Very much enjoyed it when we visited there. You have Slains Castle just down the road which is also worth a visit. I think you can see it off in the distance in the first photo.

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Yes your right, Slains castle is only a couple miles away


Remember this area well. Served at RAF Buchan and was served quite a lot at the Earl’s Lodge Hotel lounge bar.

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Wow! Any sightings of whales and dolphins? Thats what I was trying to catch some video of before being in Tier 4 knocked leisure flying in the head in my area :frowning:

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Managed to get some video of a pod of Orcas a couple years ago. It was not great video but the experience & excitement was unbelievable. Seen humpback whales as well did not have my drone or a camera though.

Wow! Brings back memories of my time living in The Heed! Cruden Bay beach, Bullers of Buchan, Seaview Hotel in Boddam, The Palace and Granada.

The house at top of Bullers of Buchan used to have a little boat in the cove.

Fantastic images. :slight_smile:


Nice pictures


Love those photos, well done. I zoomed in on the first one, and I can see a couple of people walking or climbing the rocks.

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