Buying a 2nd hand drone what should I look out for?

I was hoping to jump both boots in with the Mini3, thinking it would be out now.
I’ve been holding off buying my first ‘proper’ drone since the first mini released :confused:

Now I’m thinking I should maybe just pickup a Mini2 and enjoy the hobby instead of waiting for the latest and greatest. So with that been said I’m worried about by second hand, low cycle well used batteries, hammered motors, internal damage… etc etc.

Is there a buyers guide on the forum or could some experienced buyers/sellers list a couple of the main things to watch out for and what the current going rates are for the combo pack as I’ll prob get that.

Or should I just avoid second hand and pick something up new… Or wait for the Mini3 in the new year :slight_smile:


Buying a used drone is like buying a used anything. First I’d check the buyer, do they seem legit, is there any feedback to go on. If you can, collect… there are so many scammers out there and I’m sure this whole club will back me up when I say that. This way you get to try before you buy too.

Basic checks, check for cracks, battery pins for water damage, corrosion, gimble smoothness. As I say its like buying anything, if it looks good then chances are its going to be fine.
Buying something like the mini 2 which has only been out a year, it’s more than likely going to be very little wrong with it if at all and they’re only selling to gain money for the stupidly priced Mavic III.

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I held off buying the mini 2 , because I stupidly thought it was just a silly toy…
How wrong I was !!! bought the flymore combo. ABSOLUTELY blown away by this little drone. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: you only have to look at some of the photos on Grey Arrows to see just how capable this little drone is. could not believe the quality… Bonus is of course that being under 250 g you can fly this almost anywhere :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: I say go for the mini 2 now , and don’t waste time faffing about like I did. :wink: :wink:

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Because of the popularity of the M2, the prices of second hand ones are nearly as much as a new one. Go for new, get the FlyMore and just fly yourself crazy!

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The majority of drones in my collection were bought second hand, or as “spares or repairs”.


I’d say they are drones that are out of vogue with the majority of peeps, either due to size, or not as sophisticated as those currently on the market. If I’m buying from eBay I always assume that there’s something wrong with it, irrespective of the seller’s description, and I bid accordingly. When it arrives and I find there’s nothing wrong with it then that is a bonus, if there are faults with it I usually have the means and parts to repair it.

As for the Mini 2? I’ve had mine since February and up until yesterday I’d only flown it twice, and I came close to selling it on many occasions. However yesterday, just for giggles, I decided to fly it in some pretty extreme conditions and my opinion of it has changed drastically that now it’s going to be a keeper.

Maybe DJI will release a Mini3, but what it could offer over the Mini2 while keeping the weight below 250g I doubt will be ground breaking.

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Thanks guys, I’m now the proud owner of a Mini2 :partying_face: Just need to wait for delivery :weary:
Second hand but near new, guess we’ll see if the fight data matches the sellers description :exploding_head:

Try CEX online although second hand most come with the option to return if not happy and my M2p came with 2 year warranty and free p&p