Buying a DJI Mini 3 Pro

I bought mine from Drone Safe Store - UK DJI Official Dealer]( They were the standard price (same as Amazon etc) but it came then with a hard compartment case and 64GB. I noticed the price is now reduced but doesn’t include the case anymore. Similar to the Helliguy there is someone at the end of the phone for help/ questions - try that with Amazon. I realised I would need more batteries but my wife want’s to buy me a Fly More kit on my birthday in April so as a compromise I bought just one extra battery - at least I’ll have four after my birthday ! I found a strap to hold the blades in place essential so I don’t snag them getting it in and out of the case.

I also got mine from DroneSafe Store with £70 off the drone and £10 off the Flymore kit. Seems like they often have offers running. Their customer service is one of the most professional I’ve come across. Big thumbs up to Harrison. He must’ve been sick of me the number of times I called and the issues I was having with my credit card provider.

How did you manage to get 20% without their finance offer?

It was an accident really. I started the finance offer and it failed part way through the process so I rang them. Told them it was the 1st purchase I’d made etc and they took my order over the phone and let me use my bank credit card to pay it. But still give me the 20% off anyway. Happy days as far as I was concerned. :partying_face:


Chances are we all got this email today …