Buying a DJI Mini 3 Pro

I’m thinking about buying a DJI Mini 3 Pro as my first drone. I’m into photography and tempted by videography, so feel that this is a good choice for me.

Two questions:

  1. Is it better to buy direct from DJI in the UK, or from elsewhere like Amazon where it is a little cheaper?
  2. Is the Fly More kit worth buying with it, or would I be better off looking at alternative cases/bags and buying the other items individually?



  1. Very have a discount for first time purchases that would be worth looking into.

  2. Yes very much so the flymore kit is pretty much always a must because once you start flying it you won’t want to stop lol only having 1 battery is a nightmare without the fly more kit.


Hi David

I purchased my first drone (mini 3 pro) from as they were one of the few places with stock. I also liked the idea that they were at them end of s phone and have an address on the website.

I then bought the Dji care direct
I bought the fly more kit from Amazon

My only slight worry with Amazon is that I’ve read of a few cases where people have ordered expensive things from Amazon only to find a box of cat food or other inexpensive item in the package although I don’t personally of anyone who has said this.

Absolutely agree - the flymore kit is worth it.
With just one battery, I’d have become very fed up.

As others have said, the Fly More kit is worth it, my only criticism is that the bag is not fit for purpose, everything is too tight a fit but you can easily get a different case from Amazon.

I bought my Mini 3 from DJi but in the past I have bought the Mini 2 and DJI Mavic Pro from Amazon without any issues.

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Argos or Very

I got mine from Very with 20% off


Hi @rustysteel I also have the mini 3 pro and I agree that the flymore kit is a must, not only do you get 2 extra batteries but you also get extra props plus the 3 battery charger which is great. The only problem with the flymore kit is the bag which as markas said is on the “tight” side with trying to fit everything in, especialy if you have some nd filters. many use different bags or cases for their drones, and as you said you had a interest in photography and may have your own camera you could could use a bag like this.

It has room for all my drone stuff plus a camera and two lenses more if I removed the drone floats.


This is the amazon link if your interested.

MOSISO Camera Backpack, DSLR/SLR/Mirrorless Photography Camera Bag 15-16 inch Waterproof Hardshell Case with Tripod Holder&Laptop Compartment Compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony, Black: Electronics & Photo


I have just bought a DJI mini pro 3 from Argos as an absolute beginner I bought the fly more kit also and I can see that you will defo need.

The fly more bag is defo tight for everything but usable, I am worried about catching the propellers as i get the drone in and out. (I have just bought one of the attachments that hold the propellers in from Amazon)
So I am also looking at back pack options currently.

The hard shell one does look good suggested by @Aldric and I found this one if you are looking for a cheaper option. Don’t know about quality but 22k people have bought one and almost 5 star reviewed.

Amazon Basics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories - Black

I have noticed that other than the cost of the drone I’m being seduced into various other bits of kit and accessories and iv only flown it once so far :see_no_evil:.

My advice would be jump in and get one, I can already see that after one time out, I am going to become obsessed with getting out and flying. I look forward to seeing your posts

You will want the flymore kit with any DJI drone, it just makes the drone itself more usable.

But here’s the thing, as for the Mini 3 Pro itself, I’m not entirely convinced it’s that much better than the Mini 2. Yes there are differences which are talked about endlessly everywhere, but given those difference I still think the Mini 2 is a better drone. The Mini 2 feels better made and just as capable. I find I don’t even use the collision detection on the Mini 3 Pro. I have both and honestly had I known the M3P was only a little better in a few respects I’d have stuck with the Mini 2.

The things I like about the Mini 3 Pro are it’s somewhat better in lower light conditions and it’s a little quieter in flight. Other than that I don’t really see much of a difference. Similar flight times, similar flight characteristics etc. … but at twice the cost? Not really worth it in my opinion.

So yeah I have two drones now. The Mini 3 Pro I have was a gift from a grateful friend/client so I’ll be selling my Mini 2 soon. I’ll be sad to see it go though. I’m still a big Mini 2 fan. It feels sturdier. Just a thought.

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20% off if it’s your first order. I bought a Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) and the Fly More kit this week. Saved just over £200 and Buy Now Pay Later gives you up to 12 months interest free.


Until the SDK gets released (if ever) it isn’t imho

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One word of caution with Very, it’s a credit agreement with the usual impact on credit rating, etc.


I wouldn’t use credit with Very - their interest rates are sky high (excuse the pun for purchasing a drone).

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Thanks Andy, that’s worth mentioning in case anyone else was thinking of signing up. It wasn’t a factor in my decision :+1:.

They probably rely on customers letting the ‘pay now’ date creep up unnoticed and then when they miss the deadline the interest kicks in big time. I’d no intention of paying them any interest and cleared the account in full as soon as I got the goods :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Pay a bit off every month (but clear it before the end of the term) and they send you all sorts of vouchers (upto 20% off) trying to tempt you

Or pay it off straight away. No interest then.

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I got the 20% off with 1st purchase with Very without the credit agreement. Also the thing with credit ratings as long as you pay the card off (straight away is good) it actually improves your rating ( unless of course your rating is already so poor you get knocked back at applucation stage).

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That’s best buy to compliment the m3p is a few plus battery’s :+1: