Buying da vinci reslove studio 2nd hand

Just wondered if anyone on here had bought da vinci reslove studio 2nd hand? Say from ebay or similar? Becuase your buying a digital product a key how do you know it hasnt been used already. :flying_saucer:

It doesn’t matter if it has been used … with the account details you can use the details to reset and force any existing user to be de-licensed.

Also, there can be only two concurrent existences of the license.

You should get a card that looks something like this …

… and even if it says an old version, the licences are permanent and will still work.

Ah - yeah - same re kicking previous users off.

Format should be 5 groups of 6 alpha-numeric characters.

If you have two computers - probably a good idea to install twice to check there are no other existences of the license.

BUT … of course … thinking about it … if they still have the licence details there’s nothing to stop them reinstalling and kicking you off.

A bit of a conundrum.

@OzoneVibe cheers

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Are rhey still offering free updates? Youve got a reslove 17 licence but do you now use 19?

This …

Any license is lifetime.


I think thats one of the best things about the studio version all the updates you get. Im lookimg on ebay for one. Was considering getting the blackmagic keyboard which comes with a studio licence. Dont think id get as much use out of the speed editor otherwise it be cheaper with that. But if theres a good deal on ebay just for resolve i might as well get that