Byelaws regarding TOAL from cemeteries


I have only just got a DJI Mini 3 Pro. I am based in London and my local council is Hammersmith & Fulham. I am aware that I am in the Battersea Heliport restricted zone and will need to apply for authorisation from them but my question is about TOAL.

I found this page regarding “Byelaws for pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces”: Byelaws for pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces | LBHF

Schedule 1 lists all the ground but it excludes “Margravine Cemetery” and “Fulham Cemetery”. Both locations are being used as a park with lots of people sitting on the grass and walking dogs, and they are historical cemeteries without any new burials.

As they are not covered in the byelaws, does this mean I can use these for TOAL (provided I have Battersea Heliport authorisation)? Or are there other byelaws for cemeteries?


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Have a look at this shared location of the Barons Court area on Drone Scene. I used to live in Hammersmith, but before drones were a thing. As a rule of thumb, with your Mini 3, anywhere north of Talgarth Road is fine, below it is the Heliport FRZ, including Barons Court station. I.e. I wouldn’t bother with limiting yourself to just cemeteries.

Thank you clinkadink - I am aware that it’s in the Heliport FRZ and that it’s restricted airspace, as mentioned in my post. I did received my authorisation from Battersea Heliport today to fly in the area.

My question was more about which byelaws apply to cemeteries for TOAL?

If they are not listed go for it.

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Get it wrong and it could be a grave mistake!


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Oh please do behave ! Answering this question is a very serious :coffin: undertaking :headstone:.

That was kind of my point - for me, if there is no FRZ on Drone Scene where I plan to fly … I fly.

As for byelaws … the paper in trap 2 holds more value.


Yeah me too :+1: I’d imagine a lot of cemetery bye-laws are like some of the local park ones, written way back in the dark ages before drones.

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Agree with the others - fundamentally.

Anecdotal, but this was my only cemetery “encounter” - albeit in Belgium and a huge Commonwealth War Grave - when I was grounded by an overload of contemplative emotional considerations.

There might have been legal reasons, too, but back then things were less clear, and it was SO early in the morning, that didn’t really bother me.


Thank you everyone for the replies. The whole issue with byelaws seems quite complex for a newbie like me, so all the guidance is much appreciated

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I work pretty much on the thought process of ‘Would I walk my dog there?’, if yes then I’ll fly it. If the answer is a more perhaps, I might go searching for answers.

Bottom line no sign no FRZ good to fly. If there is a sign fly from further away ;o)


Outside the FRZ consideration, for me it would very much depend on the cemetery itself.

One (near Southampton General Hospital :laughing:) that I sometimes walk through is huge, always people visiting graves, and most times a funeral in progress. Probably wouldn’t fly near it - and if I “had” to, it would be at a good height to not be noticed. Or would do so really early on a summer morning when there’s nobody about.

Then, in some little old village with a church that’s no longer in use and new inhabitants haven’t been added in years … I’d not have any issues.

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:+1: :grinning:

Make sure it is not caught within the description of other land owned or controlled by the Council.

Southampton Old Cemetery I think would be a far better location. I’d love to get an aerial shot of the Victorian Catacombes at Highgate. Something I may contact the charity about.