C1 certificate

Hi, just checked some web information and noted that there is C1 certificate for drone flight in EU. Am I also need to have this cert. to flight in UK? I am using Air2S and no C1 cert. with the drone. I only have the flyer & operator ID and is all I need to have to fly in UK. Many thanks.


I am aware that the C1 Certificate is no longer available in the UK as we are not in the EU. I had to tell DJI that. They were tyring to helpe me find the menu on the controller. When I said “is it because we are not in the EU and the laws are not the same” they went away when they retururned they agreed.

If you go to an EU country you will get a pop up but it will not be valid for the UK. It will be only valid when in the EU. So upon return to the UK you will not be able to take advantage of the C1 as it is not valid here.

Hopefully someone will be able to correct me if I am wrong here.

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You can fly the Air 2S in the Open catagory in the UK if you obtain an Op ID with the CAA but you must keep 150m away from buildings, people etc and cannot fly in suburbian areas and parks. This restriction can be removed and reduced for buildings and people respectively if you pass the UK A2 CofC course but still have to keep 50m away from uninvolved people.

A sub 250g drone with an Op ID has no restrictions in the UK other than 120m height limit and cannot overfly a crowd of people. Of course all drones are not permitted to fly in FRZ’s such as certain prisons, airports etc.

Use this link for more information Good to Fly