CAA registration issue

Got reminder from CAA my OP ID is due for renewal soon. Went to pay the £9 and there was no opportunity to do so!

Asked for DOB and email and on CONTINUE you get sent code via email which you are supposed to fill in on the NEXT page it says. If you click CONTINUE it does go to a NEXT page which tells you “Something went wrong” or words to that effect. If you go back the code sent can then be typed in the same box you just typed the email address in. Shoddy work!

I then get a page telling me who I am and my FLY and OP codes and inside leg measurement etc… but no opportunity to actually pay anything and update my OP ID.

It does say it is a BETA version of the system. Presumably it was designed by the same team who did the track and trace app.

Unusual to find any organisation not desperate to grab money off you. They usually get that bit right.

I await reply from CAA.

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