Caddx Ratel

A few vids of the new build in action, (well, sort of - in the air anyway :slight_smile: )
This is the build mentioned on the other thread…

"So, I built this with the FullSpeed guts instead -

This has a 1.6mm Caddx Ratel, (works best with my 16:9 goggles :+1: )
Bit of a range test…

Trying to get close to nature…and failing :wink:


Front flips :see_no_evil:

Battery voltage drops off quick eh??

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Or as I call them - ‘Fun Flips!’ :man_facepalming:

Only when I’m having fun :wink:

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And just for giggles - I went back to the same spot, only now it was just before 8PM, much less Acro courage this time :rofl:

After I finished the flight below I couldn’t see where my carry box was to put everything away… It was too dark and I couldn’t see a damn thing :+1:


And while I’m spamming this section of the forum…

One of my many crashes today :slight_smile:

How not to tree dive :frowning_face:

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Now uploaded in the correct ratio :slight_smile:
My goggles and the camera are 16:9 but the DVR saves footage as 4:3 :confused:

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You found the audio track, too. :wink:

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Yup :rofl: and 4k - (Finally found a use for my 8700k)

So, I thought I’d see what happens on a nose-down dive with zero throttle from height -
this is the result…

(I also wanted to see what happens if I used music that was copyright)

Damage was minimal, but annoying nonetheless :man_facepalming:

It looked to be going ok… :see_no_evil:

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Yup - That managed to pull a motor off! I’d only mounted them with 3mm screws so they were barely held onto the frame - bigger screws now ordered :wink:

I’m gonna see how high it’ll go before I bottle it next time :+1:

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…as a funny aside…

In the clip above, ‘Ran out of juice again’, in my rush to take off I actually managed to clip my head on takeoff. :man_facepalming: - no-one would know though unless I mentioned it though - right? :sunglasses:

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