Caddx Turtle v2 coax cable replacement

Hi all,

I’m on the lookout for a replacement cable for my Turtle V2 but its hard to find one these days locally, and even from China…

Looking at the HDZero MPI cable, they seem quite like each other. Does anyone know if they are compatible? Or perhaps have a different alternative?


They have them at Caddx

The chances of a HDZero cable working are ridiculously small

:clap: :clap:

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Zero in fact…

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I was going to say zero but changed my reply because I was only 99.9999% sure that was the case :grin:

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They looked quite similar so I thought there could be a chance, but its not called hdzero for nothing eh…

cheers guys

Even though they look similar, often they have slightly different connectors and even if the connectors are the same they have completely different pin outs for the wires. Makes it a pain in the arse to find the correct type sometimes :confused:

HDZero cable is compatible. They are both pinned straight through and use the same connector.

Took the risk as needed to fix mine (old cable went through a prop) and spares are almost non-existent now, works like new.