CADMAC - Corby, Northamptonshire - Family Fun Weekend 5/6 September 2020

The Corby And District Model Aircraft Club is organising a family and friends weekend in September.

The club shares facilities with the host gliding club such as the club house which boasts a good size sitting/ training room, kitchen, electricity, separate male and female toilets.
It will be a camping weekend so tents, caravans are welcome.

We will be having a BBQ and the proceeds will go towards much needed works to turn what was waste land to an area that’s safe to fly from.

There are no restrictions on types of aircraft as the club boast Jets,Drones,IC Helicopters, all kinds of electric aircraft, and paragliding too.

Camping is prioritised for club members first, but I’d like to have a feel of how many people would be interested in coming and wether they’d be camping or not.

Social distancing will dictate the numbers we can safely accommodate and at this early stage we just need numbers.

Local hotels and shops are less than 15min drive from the airfield.

Please note that as it’s a family weekend, there might be restrictions on the consumption of alcohol until all flying has stopped.

There maybe full size aircraft towing gliders so
please be aware that you’ll need to take all your rubbish with you, and to keep all rubbish secured in bags within your cars or caravans. Loose debris is a hazard to all aircraft.

I will update this thread as we go and especially for camping.

Mods, could you create some sort of indicator table please, I don’t know how to…Thanks in advance…:blush:

Let’s get the ball rolling…:grin:


I live quite locally so would just be a day visitor with my Mavic mini drone.

I’m interested. With camping too if available.
Would my really friendly non pooing dog be allowed?

We’d love to have you there all weekend… :grin:

Wow! I haven’t seen one of those yet, has it been genetically modified… :metal:
Yes, the dog can come, I’m sure he/she will love a walk in the woods, might even meet the Alpacas.
I’m hoping to arrange for the main runway to be used for an hour of Race Drones, if you have any flags, cones bring them along.


Cheers mate

I’ll try and bring something

Of course, everyone coming is welcome to try fpv…

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Are there any trees in the field? Do you have any pics? What I’m getting at is obstacles to crash into.

The model aircraft area is a reasonable size but has a couple of trees at the bottom end, say 400-500yd away

I’ll upload some pictures later.

Here’s a google view…

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I did try to go to their website, but it’s down.

If one were allowed, but of course we are not, is there a straight line mile to fly? Or am I pushing it. I’ll follow your rules.

Yes, the runway is long enough for speed freaks…but rules…

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Yes it’s down as we are preparing for a completely new one from scratch.


Due to Covid-19 spiking in Northamptonshire and having received flyers through the door regarding Corby, CADMAC has decided that only members will be allowed for the weekend of September 5 / 6.

We hope that if all things workout we maybe able to have a Family and Friends fan day in 2021…:crossed_fingers:

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Today’s turnouts…


Looks absolutely fantastic and looks like it was great day hope there’s more to come and hope I can hop on board next time ,

A bit windy today,we are planning for 3 events for next year if things have settled down enabling us to invite visitors.

I missed the night flying last night but those who flew had a great time.

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