Cajarc, France

Just competed a 120km sponsored walk to raise money for Cancer Research in memory of a friend ( if interested).

We were keeping a pretty tight schedule so the drone was mainly a weight in my pack, but put it up at Cajarc and got some nice shots.


I hope you had your drone registered, and carried your Certificate of Training of France with you? :wink::wink:
Just done mine over the weekend.
It cost nothing, but is now Law in France to register your drone and complete an online test.
If you were flying an “Air” you would be fine, anything over 800 grammes, has to be as above.

How easy is it. I used to live over there and keep visiting so would be good to fly legally over there

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I got round to getting insurance, as that’s required in France, however Mavic Pro is 734g (officially at least - haven’t weighed mine) so didn’t do that.

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Also carefully referred to the altitude restriction map which could really do with being an app not a web site. Nice to have an extra 10m by default though!

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20 multiple choice questions, after you have watched the training videos.

Having spent many a happy holiday in France in my experience I don’t think that will bother any of the locals one jot.

Hats off to the French, if they don’t like a law or EU directive, they just ignore it. (With a Gallic shrug I presume).

And a large glass of red

Le plonk & snails, not forgetting the frogs legs!.

My father was the 3rd soldier off the landing craft during the D.Day landings. There’s a black & white newsreel film of him looking back over his shoulder as the ramp went down and he went onto the beach.
He used to say that when the Germans fired their guns, the British would duck, and when the British fired, the Germans would duck, but when the Americans fired…EVERYONE ducked.
He was instrumental in liberating Becks beer factory from the Germans, and spent a considerable time defending it against counter attack…quite a considerable time it seems as he was still there several months after the war was over. Lol


I would have willingly spent my time “protecting the brewery” from attack, probably would not shot a lot though, cos I’d have been too pissed to see down the rifle sights !.
“ Hey Lads! , there’s a load of Germans coming up the road”
Feck them !, go get another case of beer !!.