Callanish Stones Isle of Lewis Scotland - dji air2 s

Was up at Callanish for the solstice , not many times when the stones were quiet and there was good light, needed to merge , the AEB versions and apply an HDR effect to get this


Very nice picture @ianr ian is this the Isle of Lewis Scotland ?

Thanks @Kirky , The very same, reachable by ferry from Uig or Ullapool . A most ancient stone circle where the energy is cosmic and the weather scottish.


Have put the location in the title for you @ianr Ian I hope you don’t mind, once again lovely place :+1:

Don’t mind - dont really see the point tho, as far as I know there is only one Callanish , certainly only one with a stone circle, making “Isle of Lewis , Scotland” redundant . Would one add “London, England” to 10 Downing St ?


Flew there in October, and got some awesome sunrise footage, just before Samhain - although the light frost on the ground around the stones was an indicator to me that Samhain had arrived already…

@albionDrones - am impressed and inspired by your youtube footage of Callanish , would that I could do as well , you caught beautiful light …

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It helps the forum & helps members of which some are spread around the country & across the world, so not everyone would know it :blush:

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Good picture.

I know where London is. I know where 10 Downing Street is but I had to google your location. Never heard of it. We are in the Midlands so do not know everywhere.

Thanks, If on line , which is where this forum is , anyone unaware of anything can put the term into any search engine ( duck, bing, … ) and get the info - especially if it is unique, as this search term is.

True, I guess it goes both ways. If you went to all the trouble of taking the picture. Why not tell people anyway where you were, not everyone will want to come out of it and google. Some are on phones. Your call but me personally I like to let people know as for example. Someone may be going to Scotland and put a search in to see where to go. You are more likely to get more people see what you have done. I personally have never heard of the place. Furthest I have ever travelled up north Tyne And Wear. Something to consider though. Always good to get more hits for people to see what you have done.
Keep up the flying. Enjoy the hobby. All good.


Thank you kindly, it was an amazing light and day to be sure, one opportunity and the weather played ball, which I wish it had this week while we have been back on Skye…

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For anyone interested in flying Callanish or any other neolithic site megalithc - has full details of location including online OS map


That would be me. I benefit from the metadata people like @Kirky add in.

Great photo by the way!


I do not know where most places are. All info helps.