Calling All Norfolk Coast Droners!


You not mean feet Dave?


You’ll have to stand where that bottom camera is pointing.


Yeah but no but yeah but no but …. sod it!

No wonder people get confuzzled.


yup, sounds a plan, know just where them railing are !
Back a bit…, bit more… aw shit !, what am I doing down here on the beach !


Confusing because half the image is missing lol


Even more confusing with all the image.


Seriously!, gonna watch my step, my wifes workmates partners daughter was seriously injured only just over a week ago, at the same spot.
A lump of cliff came down on top of her as she sat at the base of the Cliffs.
She has serious back injuries, luckily her two kids were playing on the beach at the time.


I was thinking of a different image then :rofl:

The one with the bubble.

Edit -

This one


Bubbles go where the wind takes them. :wink:


The Bottom one is a blow up of the second one down (its the left hand diamond shape pane of glass, just enlarged).
We’ll wave to you for 10 minutes !!!


Different images - one has a wave crashing in and two people - the other no crashing waves and one person.
Same camera, perhaps, different images.


Now!, one of you is going to have to sit there at six o clock watching the webcam, and me and Russell will stay in position (I will wear red shorts!), you frame grab us, and post it back here later tonight !.
Now what Badge can the MODS think of for that !!
First to be LIVE on GADC !!


Hmmm … the “Twats on a Cliff” badge? :rofl:




It might be the “Now you see them, now you don’t!” badge. LOL


“The Paul Daniels Magic Badge”
or “Tommy Cooper” Badge"
Just like that !!!


Nope it’s 6 and no sign of you
Fake news


Just seen this post at 20:40, you guys still there? :grinning: Finished work at 6pm so wouldn’t have made it anyway :disappointed:


Shame Paul, would have been nice ,if you could have made it !
Another day for sure!.
We had a good session on the beach.


I bet you did…