Calling All Norfolk Coast Droners!

@PaperCrane, and myself are having an impromptu coastal meet up at Happisburgh Lighthouse this afternoon, tide will be out at 4.30pm, so plenty of sand to fly around on!,
we are expecting to be at the Lighthouse Cliff top Car Park at around 5.30pm.
If any of you “Narfuk” droner’s fancy a meet up, come along !!.
Come on Norfolk Guys, come out and play, SOD THE WORK !!


Damn it’s a 4 hour drive so count me out :weary:


Go On Jeff !, put ,ya foot down !!
Ya leave now, you’ll make it !

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A bit more notice would be nice
Very inconsiderate :crazy_face:

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just think about it!, lovely freshly painted Lighthouse to fly round, Cliffs, Sandy Beaches, and a beer in the Pub !what more can I say !:tokyo_tower:
(nearest I could find to a lighthouse !!)

Maybe next time…

Try to give you a bit more notice…

If I sit my drone in front of the camera, it will make you feel better !

Tides going out nicely !

Oh - you have to give us all a few minutes notice to log onto the webcam before you fly past … as close as is sensible and safe!!!

Edit: Grrrr … it’s an intermittent still picture webcam - not live streaming video. :frowning:

yeah, just noticed that !!

“Images updated every 10 minutes”

Full battery - long hover! #Sorted! :stuck_out_tongue:

now there’s a plan !!, how far do ya reckon I need to be away !
got 6 batteries to waste (Mavic Air & Pro)
Strangely enough ,the second picture down on that grass, is where we will be !
I’ll wear erd shorts and black tee shirt.
My 10 minutes of Fame at last !:star_struck:

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150 FEET from people and properties :

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And I’ve got three for my Mavic now. Impromptu drone swarm around the webcam!

I’d ask my son if I could borrow his Tello but you’d never see it on a webcam. It’s about the size of a mosquito’s testicle.

oh ,poo ! you’ll be lucky to see me.
Better have words with the owner, me thinks!

Perhaps you can hang a flag under the drone - more visible! :+1:

Edit: Makes note to order GADC flags for such occasions. :wink:

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Russell!, now this was clean till you showed us your testicles!
Looking forward to this avo bud, see ya in an couple of hours!
been trying to drum up some locals!, but, I think they may be grafting !!

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I’ve had that webcam page running for 15 minutes … nothing seems to have changed.

Tap them up to install a video stream! :wink:

refresh and you will see that the picture does change !.
@OzoneVibe you have to remember, we still use steam engines up here in “Narfuk”
(must remember to put coal in drone bag to recharge batteries)

I’ve done that … it must be seriously cold there … the people in the bottom pic have been frozen to the spot.

Edit: They just thawed.