Calshot Spit, Southampton - confusion

Hi all,

New grey arrows member/drone pilot here In Southampton. I have recently got myself a Mini 2, however, I am a little confused by contradictory information of whether I can fly at Calshot Spit or not.

On the one hand, their website says “The launching and use of private drones at Calshot is strictly forbidden” and links to a document dating back to 2017, which states that drones cannot be used as you must remain >150ft from people. This seems like a clear no, but the document is outdated (2017) and the flying near people doesn’t cover the <250g drones according to the CAA? Additionally, it seems that the land is covered by Crown Estate foreshore, which does explicitly allow the flying of drones.

Ideally, I’d like to follow everyone’s rules-I’m a conflict adverse person-but it really seems that every location I think of to fly has a blanket no in some form, even if it would perfectly conform to the CAA’s guidance. I love my mini 2 and am always considerate of people when flying, but really struggling to find places to take it out :-S

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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Hi Nic, the mini 2 is a great little drone, use dronescene it may help you


Hi Nic - as you say Calshot Spit is Crown Estate. For me that’s a given as being good to fly. Their website is obviously out of date and as you already know, the Mini 2 can fly just about anywhere other than over crowds.
Only downside could be a bye-law but they really need to signpost it if that’s the case. I’d be inclined to play the “dumb kid” and as the saying goes "Better to seek forgiveness than request permission’ - I’d go for it :+1: :+1: :+1: