Cambridgeshire farming movies

Hi All,

Very long time no posts! Ive managed to take a break to fly some more this year as my poor Mavic hasnt seen the light of day for months.

Luckily ive been invited by a local farmer or two to document the arable farming seasons in Cambs, this is all strictly for fun and as a personal project that gets me out of the house :sunglasses:

Its been a lot of fun with lots to video, but the real beauty is that everything is being shot over 2000 acres of private property with strict instructions to “get in close for dramatic effect, dont worry you wont knacker anything!” :laughing:

With such eager encouragment it is great to get close up to some of the more unusual sides of farming that we dont normally get to see and although tractors are not as flash as ferrari’s, at £150k a pop
( a cool quarter million on a Combine harvester ) they are certainly as expensive!

Theres a couple more in the series and hopefully at least once a month.




Very nice video! I liked the variety of high and low shots with lots of movement and a few static camera shots included. Especially the timelapse. I bet you need to be careful not to fly through the dust cloud that harvester kicks up!

This is a subject that’s on my hit list too.


Great video, enjoyed that :+1:

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That was great very well put together :ok_hand:

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A great video, very well edited. Loved the time lapses. Well done :+1:t2:

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Thanks for the positive feedback guys.

Theres a mix of cameras in there, the Mavic Pro, the Osmo pocket for the timelapses and my Sony RX100 for the 4k static shots.

I seriously recommend the pocket, its just such a versatile tool, i link it up with a solar backed up battery pack for seriously long running :wink:




Good to see you’re still around Colin @Leveller mate :smiley:

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Cheers mate! :sunglasses: