Cambusnethan Priory

A few pictures from my brief visit to Cambusnethan Priory yesterday for the first of the Mixed Theme Challenges


Amazing joe, what a waste of a stunning building.

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It really is a shame. There’s a group going now trying to stop it deteriorating any more.


Feels like even more of a waste when I realise it’s all happened within my lifetime. This photo is from the 70s. :cry:


Wow! Look at that! That’s sad :disappointed: let’s hope this group works there magic.

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Have you been down to Dalquharran castle near Dailly @JoeC?

Another place in a similar state that is worth a visit.

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I haven’t yet Callum. I was planning to head there on Thursday for the challenge, but when I looked on the map I couldn’t see where best to park the car to be able to walk to the castle so I ended up going to Cambusnethan instead. I will go down to Dalquharran… but once the weather is a bit more stable and I’m not trying to squeeze in a flight between gusts :wink:

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Awesome shots, what an amazing building

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