Camera issue on DJI Phantom 2


I am not that tech minded but can follow instructions and my soldering skills are ok so this might be achievable.

Not sure if this helps but just for info my phone connects to the wifi of the drone when opening the litchi app. I can control the camera tilt angle via the phone app also


Try this to test your wifi module, note the drone and remote,etc has to be on !.
Using a PC or tablet log into your Phantom and “ping”
If you get a reply to the ping on that address then wifi module is fine. No reply to ping then bottom board needs re-flashing as the nand memory is corrupt.

There are many free apps such as Ping Lite for phone or tablet or use the command prompt from windows.


This is a very steep learning curve “ping” ??? :dizzy_face:

Hopefully I have done this right…


If the “Ping” test is successful, then the NAND FIX instructions i have posted above will have to be followed.
I had to flash mine several times, but, i did work in the end.
I would also recommend you re-doing the heat sink compound in the Wifi module also, as this is where some of the problems of overheating happened.


So, looking at those results the top board is OK !.


The ping transmits to the device (the module), and then returns to the device you are sending the ping from (i assume, your phone)
it sends 4 packets of test data, and receives 4 packets of data.


I have learnt about pinging today :+1:


I’m going to have a proper read through the instructions before starting anything but at first glance it looks scary!!! :dizzy_face:


IF, when you take the wifi module out of the drone, it has numerous holes punched/drilled through the casing then chances are it is a later version of the module and should have additional heat sink compound, and would be ok.
But i would get yourself some decent Heat Sink Compound to replace what is in there
(Artic Silver) is the best !.




Are you sure you’ve not just pinged your router with that test?


It does look a bit daunting,but follow the instructions to the letter and you should be fine.
If you need any further help, please PM me, or post here (reference to me) and i will help as much as i can.
I will try and find the pictures i took of the circuit board, i am sure they are on my machine (somewhere!)


I connected my phone wifi to the phantom before doing the ping test


Thanks I really appreciate your help so far :+1:



It’s just that Chris said to ping and you pinged which is the gateway.


good point Callum, will check the ping address number required !

ping is the address


if you do not get a successful ping with the above address, WHERE IN THE SHIT !!


uh oh!!! I think things just got bad!!!


whoops maybe I haven’t learnt about pinging :thinking:


that ping number was to test the bottom board, and it has failed, meaning the NAND FIX has to be done.
Just trying to find the PING number for the top board, to check that it is OK, that;s the one we do not want to be bad !