Camera issue on DJI Phantom 2

Just found this online, any help?

How to diagnose broken DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Wi-Fi FPV module:

  1. turn on vision+, extender, smartphone, dji vision app, see blank live video screen
  2. using notebook/pc connect to Wi-Fi network “Phantom_xxxxx”
  3. ping
    If ping succesfull, your wifi-extender is alive and can connect to Phantom’s Wi-Fi (binding is ok). If ping fails - go no further, you are doing something wrong. Take a pause, drink coffee, think about getting some background in networking technologies, windows, etc (joke).
  4. ping
    If ping succesfull, TOP PCB board of Wi-Fi FPV module is alive
  5. ping
    If ping succesfull, BOTTOM PCB BOARD of WI-Fi FPV module is alive.
    If ping fails - bottom PCB board (marked WM301_DM368) is broken

following these instructions it seems the bottom PCB board is faulty

shit, you found it before me !!.
(I was just looking for some photos I took of the TTL Board connections for you.)
Yup, that’s sounds about right !.
Looks like you are into the NAND FIX to me !

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Is this what I need to buy to do the repair?

If it is the same one that is on Amazon, yes, that’s the kiddie !

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I will see if I can dig them photos up I took of my board, when it had been wired, and will post them here when I find them !

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I have ordered an Arduino board and while waiting I have been watching a few youtube videos. One very good one shows the process of the NAND fix, referring to the instructions posted earlier in this feed, which I will use to help me later.

He also suggests, in a separate video, trying to re-flash the camera firmware and then rebind camera. But does state that maybe 1 or 2 in 10 works this way.

Is this something I should try before doing the NAND fix ?

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Nope, only option that I know of.
I have flashed about 6 of them now, all successful !.
If it does not work first time keep trying, I had one that took 7 attempts, but, got it in the end !.

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No problem, I will wait til Wednesday or Thursday when the bits should arrive. Probably tackle it next weekend.

UPDATE - I have managed to flash the board, everything seemed successful on pc. However when I put back into the drone I still don’t have live feed!!! aarrrggghhh :exploding_head:

I have control of camera, can move it up and down via app and can take photos and videos just no live feed. All “Ping” tests are now good

Do I need to rebind camera?

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I have tested my good camera on the 2nd drone, the one I carried out the NAND fix on, and the camera works so the fix worked on the board.

So Dr Watson the fault seems to lie within the 2nd camera. I have another ribbon cable on order so maybe this will work???

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Glad to hear the flashing seems to have worked, fingers crossed with the cable.
Rebinding may work, no harm trying.

UPDATE - bad news :cry:

So as you know the NAND fix worked, but the replacement cable made no difference. I have come to the conclusion that there is a fault within the camera itself and is unfortunately irreparable.

So rather than paying £300 plus for a replacement camera I was wondering if I can just fix a cheaper fixed camera to give me basic FPV so at least I can fly the drone more than 100m away from me.

Any ideas welcome :smile:

Would something like this work?

For that sort of price, got to be worth a try, good luck !.