Camera issue on DJI Phantom 2


Just found this online, any help?

How to diagnose broken DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Wi-Fi FPV module:

  1. turn on vision+, extender, smartphone, dji vision app, see blank live video screen
  2. using notebook/pc connect to Wi-Fi network “Phantom_xxxxx”
  3. ping
    If ping succesfull, your wifi-extender is alive and can connect to Phantom’s Wi-Fi (binding is ok). If ping fails - go no further, you are doing something wrong. Take a pause, drink coffee, think about getting some background in networking technologies, windows, etc (joke).
  4. ping
    If ping succesfull, TOP PCB board of Wi-Fi FPV module is alive
  5. ping
    If ping succesfull, BOTTOM PCB BOARD of WI-Fi FPV module is alive.
    If ping fails - bottom PCB board (marked WM301_DM368) is broken


following these instructions it seems the bottom PCB board is faulty


shit, you found it before me !!.
(I was just looking for some photos I took of the TTL Board connections for you.)
Yup, that’s sounds about right !.
Looks like you are into the NAND FIX to me !


Is this what I need to buy to do the repair?


If it is the same one that is on Amazon, yes, that’s the kiddie !


I will see if I can dig them photos up I took of my board, when it had been wired, and will post them here when I find them !


I have ordered an Arduino board and while waiting I have been watching a few youtube videos. One very good one shows the process of the NAND fix, referring to the instructions posted earlier in this feed, which I will use to help me later.

He also suggests, in a separate video, trying to re-flash the camera firmware and then rebind camera. But does state that maybe 1 or 2 in 10 works this way.

Is this something I should try before doing the NAND fix ?


Nope, only option that I know of.
I have flashed about 6 of them now, all successful !.
If it does not work first time keep trying, I had one that took 7 attempts, but, got it in the end !.


No problem, I will wait til Wednesday or Thursday when the bits should arrive. Probably tackle it next weekend.


UPDATE - I have managed to flash the board, everything seemed successful on pc. However when I put back into the drone I still don’t have live feed!!! aarrrggghhh :exploding_head:

I have control of camera, can move it up and down via app and can take photos and videos just no live feed. All “Ping” tests are now good

Do I need to rebind camera?


I have tested my good camera on the 2nd drone, the one I carried out the NAND fix on, and the camera works so the fix worked on the board.

So Dr Watson the fault seems to lie within the 2nd camera. I have another ribbon cable on order so maybe this will work???


Glad to hear the flashing seems to have worked, fingers crossed with the cable.
Rebinding may work, no harm trying.