Camera on the end of a wire instead of on the drone?

Just a thought here, I have a Mini 2 with a knackered gimbal and I’m wondering about the possibility of using the camera on the end of a wire dangling underneath the drone, so it could be lowered into places.
Any ideas about if it would be possible?

A wire?

It needs power and video feed back to the drone to transmit images to your device and record them on the SD card.
I’m sure the Mini2 would create a load of fault messages.

And if you were to find a means of connecting it fully, then the Mini2 would give other fault messages.

A 360 camera on a bit of string would do, Ash?

Wouldnt it swings about, around and around making the video unusable :man_shrugging:

Also, as @OzoneVibe says above the Mini 2 doesn’t like weight added and would enable payload mode

Limiting how high and far you can fly :scream:

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Yeah, I was thinking it might not get past the faults. Ideally what I would like is a live feed from a camera dangling in the water, up to the drone, which would then transmit back to me in real time. You can probably guess what I would use it for. :crazy_face:

Think you’d need to move away from hobbyist drones for that.

Bespoke video transmission/recording modules with a suitable camera.

Good luck!

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Thanks. What about a live feed that you would have on an FPV? And then just detach the camera? Or this.

I’ve already got this far.
But it would be even better with a real time feed.

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Just thinking I could try out the broken Mini 2 and if it works then mod the Mavic to take the extra weight.

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Extra weight? it looks like it worked on that video unless you want to use a bigger camera.

My other question is, what if the camera or line gets snagged :scream:

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No idea on “what” alternative kit would be best … just think something that won’t be throwing angry messages at you would be best.

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Maybe one of these?

Wasn’t @Kirky looking at getting one a while back?

(Vimeo video is just buffering for me.)

Edit: Just downloaded the video. I guess “through the fishing net” is a deal breaker. :slight_smile:

Yes @Earwig , I ordered one cancelled as I see it cheaper else where, then to find out the website was a scam of the cheaper one, :scream: so I gave up on that idea, would still like one tho.

It won’t get snagged. That’s the reason for the smooth torpedo shape.

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I have a very expensive ROV (underwater drone).

But for this project it has to be less than 60mm across, to go through net.

I had a Gladius Mini before the one I’ve got now and it wasn’t very manoeuverable. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Thanks for that @ash2020 i shan’t think about another one then, some of the other models / makes cost grands ….

@ash2020 which package of the chasing you got if you don’t mind my ask.

I have the M2, which unfortunately is expensive, but it does have a very cool grabber!


That’s quality that one