Can a serial number change?

Long story short, my drone registration for use in the US is due for renewal (it’s only $5) so I followed the linked it seems there’s been some changes the regs. Basically, after September this year, unless your drone is on the list (here) showing it emits a Remote ID whilst powered on you can’t really fly anywhere (there is one exception but that will never be in the real world). So, to come to my question, my current registration shows a serial number which, when i double checked it was not my drone. Could a serial number be changed after a crash which involved a repair as mine did a few months ago? It doesn’t really matter as my drone MA2 is not on the fecking list anyway. And it saved me $5 Yay!

After a crash?

Did you use DJI care refresh or was the original drone repaired by a third party?

It was repaired by Heliguy and paid for by Coverdrone

Did you note the serial number before the repair?

If it’s changed after you have a different drone which will be a refurbished one

I’ve just looked at the photo i took when i filled in the claim form and would you believe it, both the Aircraft SN and the Flight Controller SN along with the Camera SN are different.
Maybe they just gave me a new unit even tho their invoice said 2 new front leg and camera gimbal.

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That’s pretty standard.

Saves you waiting for them to obtain parts and schedule the work.

Gets you back flying ASAP.

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Seems about right then, It could have been an issue had anything gone awry whilst i was over there as the details would be different, but it didn’t so that’s ok. Seems like i need another drone for the states now. What’s the nearest to a MA2 that is also on the list.
Thanks for your time guys, it was educational for for sure.

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Air 2s or Mini 3 pro

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If you are thinking of buying new, and you have enough time there, you may find you can save money buying something in the US?


@OzoneVibe I don’t go as much as we used to due to the cost but it’s worth considering. I could wait till i see a bargain even to use over here.
To just get another for over here might be a tough sell to the missus without getting shot of the MA2 which i don’t want to do really Haha



At the moment I am finding many items just as cheap in the UK.

“Many” isn’t “all” - so that suggests that some are cheaper.

I only said “may”, in any case.

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True - but items that I would expect to be cheaper especially electronic related (including drones) are not.

I saw on forums MA2 will still need the RID function… But you have to attached a module… Painful

From September this year, see above in the OP

Yes… Thanks I saw that…my point was that for the MA2 all is not lost if you want to fly it… It doesn’t have the RID hardware built in but you can get an add on modile

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