Can Digital & Analogue fly together?

Here’s some food for thought

Cool, now he’s demonstrated all the different interference patterns we’ll know better who to shout at. :rofl:

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But also given a few handy tips on how to avoid interference.

I guess it’s about pilots being aware.
Most of the issues I’ve encountered haven’t been through malice just lack of knowledge.

I know when I fly with others I need to turn down to 25mw and ask what band others are on.

If flying analogue is seems avoiding r6 is a good idea if digital are about

Anyone with HDZero normally.

TBF We’ve had a mix of 2 DJI and 2 analogue in the air before, if you communicate and know your channels it’s all good

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That’s mostly the point of the video.
We can all fly together if we have an understanding of what works and doesn’t.

And if we’re considerate to fellow pilots.

Anyone with DJI always. :grinning:

In the good old days we used a peg board, no peg no switching on….:rofl:

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At the whoop meets over winter, we get a card which states your channel, then 15 minute goes depending how many there. TBH you learn. We’ve all been taken out and all taken someone out probably…

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If you can’t beat em… Join them, that’s what I did after just being annoyed by them constantly!

Actually I think other things might cause issues too, had a very strange issue with my 5inch vista (though wired it differently on rebuild, so will see how that goes). I think there may have been a non “drone” interference Possibly wifi, go pro, or other tools that people have around. I do wonder if the go pros, etc that people use and look at in between flights might have caused them. Anyway will see how it goes when sliding down the concrete tomorrow :smiley: :smiley: