Can I fly a drone at Derby Racecourse?

Hello can any of the Derby drone pilots ,tell me if i can Fly a mini 2 on Derby race course

If not can anyone tell nearest place to Fly around Chadesden

Thankyou all

There’s no restrictions on flying at the racecourse in Derby, or around Chaddesden . Be aware of flying there on Sundays though as the football pitches are used by local football teams ( flying over crowds/ uninvolved people) :wink::wink:
Looks like you’re fairly new here. Why not say hello on the introductions section :wink::wink:

I have introduced myself im a pensioner i have two Drones a AIR 2s and a Mini 2.

IM new at this hobby been getting advice from on here and the uk Mavic Pilots,
I bought the Air 2s after seeing it flying over skegness,
I picked it but couldn’t:t do anything with so took it back shop and manager down loaded the fly app.
i started flying nearly lost it ,went so high i could just see it , and then the phone said the aircraft will make Emergency landing due to battery , i found out about Flyer ID and OP
so got those.
i have not registered them with DJI other forum have been telling me my flights would be restricted
But thats not the case my two have never been registered fly away insurance , and they fly well

maybe best then to see what drone restriction for the weight of drones sub 250g practicallty anywhere and drones over 250g will have some restrictions on location etc aand get coverdrone recreation insurnace if not doing paid work stuff incase of needing to get cover for a fly away etc, :slight_smile:

The best option is to get GADC insurance :wink:

The best option is to get GADC insurance :wink:

what difference between the both cause if there is much more difference when i come to renew then ill choose GADC