Can I fly in Pendine Sands Beach?

Hi All,

I’m new here and have just bought my first drone ahead of my trip to Wales to explore the Brecon beacons on my motorcycle. During the journey I’m also thinking about visiting Pendine Sands as its one of the few beaches that I can ride along and would love to capture some drone footage of this (am thinking of going at dawn when the beach will most likely be empty).

However when checking Drone Assist I can see that its in a restricted zone but I can also see videos online of people who have shot drone footage there. Any info would be super helpful and massively appreciated.

Hi @JLevy, it looks as though you’re quite new here :wave:t2:

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Hi @JLevy , looking in Drone Scene I see the following info. Looks like if there isn’t an active NOTAM then you are good. You might want to call the Range Control on the number listed to be sure.


Danger Area: EGD117 PENDINE

Red zones are regulated high-risk areas and operation of your drone may be hazardous or prohibited.

This piece of airspace is in effect between Surface and 27000ft MSL

Danger Area
Activities within this area dangerous to the flight of aircraft may exist at specified times. Danger, Prohibited and Restricted Areas are defined according to ICAO International Standards. Regulations governing the flight of drones vary from country-to-country, therefore these areas are included for your information. It is your responsibility to check the applicability of any local, state and/or national laws and regulations which may permit or otherwise restrict the operation of your drone in this area. Unless regulations in your region explicitly permit the operation of your drone in this area, we recommend you do not operate your drone here.

AMC - Manageable. Vertical Limits: 23,000 FT ALT. Vertical Limits: OCNL notified to altitudes up to 27,000 FT ALT. Activity: Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives / Unmanned Aircraft System (VLOS/BVLOS) / Electronic/Optical Hazards. Service: SUAAIS: London Information on 124.750 MHz. Contact: Pre-flight information: Range Control, Tel: 01994-452240. Remarks: SI 1973/1627. UAS BVLOS will not be conducted above 10,000 FT ALT. Danger Area Authority: DE&S. Hours: Activated by NOTAM.

Intermittent Airspace
Intermittent airspace are volumes that are temporarily activated, typically via a NOTAM or pre-defined schedule.

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Hi we stayed there for 2 weeks to visit the area, had good intentions to use our mini, but after checking the app it’s restricted by the MoD due to firing times and activity. Though it would be nice to get footage i decided to fly from area outside the area’s. A lot of that coastline is restricted due to military purposes, but some area’s are open on bank holidays to the general public that would otherwise be closed. Good luck

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Amazing really appreciate you sending this through! Would you typically call Range on control on the day or in advance?

Thanks mate, yeah this is what I noticed as well although since I’ll be there over the weekend I checked and they don’t have any training activity going on during the time I’m there so fingers crossed it should be fine.

I’m not local so I haven’t called them, but if you are wanting to be there early doors then maybe contact them a day or two in advance. They may have information on their schedule or they may ask you to ring back on the day.

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Thanks! Will try calling them up a few days early. Appreciate all your help with this.

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Don’t forget, a lot of the military admin people are rather 9-5/Mon-Fri (or less) these days.


As @OzoneVibe Dave has said - the restrictions at Pendine are Monday to Friday 9.00 til 4.00. Any time outside of that is covered by a NOTAM. Was there Sunday and several light aircraft were flying through the zone. The MOD guys at Pendine and Pembrey are very accommodating so give them a ring - they’re normally very happy to help :+1:


I was mainly meaning to phone someone and get an answer … but that too. :+1:


So I just spoke with Range Control and all good to fly the drone over the weekend there as there are currently no further restrictions. Thanks again for all your help and input


Great news. Have fun!

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