Can I fly in this area of Isle of Wight?

I am in holiday in the Isle of Wight, brought the mini 3 pro, then I find a scary amount of restrictions and 3 airports on this tiny bit of land (geeeeez).

Anyway, I see nothing wrong with flying in this little carved out section on the beach, anyone else?

What does dronescene say?


Oh boy, that seems a bit hyperbolic on the extended runway.

I think i will go with my first source :joy: :joy:

You have a DJI drone - and it’s the DJI GEO-Zones (as per those you have seen in Drone Scene) that actually dictate where you can take off and fly the drone … and they don’t match FRZs and other UK CAA rulings on where you can legally fly.

Both need consideration … and Drone Scene is correct on the DJI GEO Zones.

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Even though they are Airports they don’t seem to have Red flight restriction zones around them. They are warning zones just warning you that they are there and not preventing you from flying. DJI on the other hand you’ll need to unlock your drone to be able to fly there even though it appears to be perfectly legal.


According to DJIs own fly-safe database there is only one zone and that is an Altuide Zone limiting you to 500m

Have a look at the map in the Fly app and see if it corresponds to the one above

If so you are good to go and fly :+1:


No Dronescene is correct and the DJI map does show both but they are just warnings with an altitude limit of 500 meters

Wow I am so glad I made sure to mention it, I would have assumed the entire island is a no-fly-zone.

Thank you!


way above our 120m legal limit so won’t even effect you at all :ok_hand:t2:

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The isle of wight have a lot of restrictions for drones if you go on the islands web page there is a local done flight test to do with the council, I did think of doing last month when I was there, but didn’t bother in the end and left my drone at home

Really :man_shrugging: they have more jurisdiction than the CAA

Can you post a link to this information please Ken

Not @dronesceneken1 but i saw this article.

Mind blown

Just been going thru the council web site it looks like you may just nerd the currant CAA regs/drone code, this information has been updated since I made the inquiry, so hopefully you are good to go but plz have a quick google

No one has jurisdiction over the CAA

To fly anywhere just follow the drone code, it’s always been this way in the U/K

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I have to click on a USA flag to choose English language version, no Union Flag available.

I wonder if IoW council paid money to TS2 for this article?

Polish translated :scream: :joy:

The IOW doesn’t have any airports, but it does have three airfields which are very busy, particularly at this time of year. It also has two prisons just outside Newport which house some very undesirable people. In addition, at this time of year the Island sinks about six inches due to the incredible number of visitors it gets, all wanting to go to the beach and/or the visitor attractions. Having said that, I had a most enjoyable morning last week flying my drone near Wootton station filming the steam railway.
Bottom line, check out Drone Scene, follow the rules and keep an eye out for people. But most of all, enjoy your flying.

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