Can i fly near an aerodrome with permission

Hi gents
i am away from home this weekend and i have the run of the farm i am staying on.
perfect you would imagine.

I want to fly from the location but someones stuck an aerodrome in the vicinity.
I get the impression its hardly ever/ never used but I want to remain safe.

the Dronescene shows it but i am struggling to understand whether its legitimate to fly there.

What are my options, as i think its hardly used.
do i contact the aerodrome and ask if i can fly?


Can you share a link so we can see the place in question?

Zoom in to the view / location you want to share and click this button:

Thanks for using it :blush:



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It’s not in a FRZ, legally you’re good to go.

Courtesy call to them probably wouldn’t go amiss though.

07748 557202


Thanks Rich
That’s exactly what I will do


…and thats exactly what I did.

They told me their is a half mile exclusion zone around the airfield which goes as far as the town of Wing.
I am staying in Burcott which is in between the Aerodrome and Wing.
they have flights in everyday apparently so they told me it is a no go for me.

Never mind, even if legally i am good, I, like most of you am not in this hobby to piss people off.
I will head else where.

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Is it an invisible one? :thinking:

Why don’t they get themselves added to NATS et al? :man_shrugging:




Doesn’t seem fair that a site with one flight a day which is out of the way in a couple minutes precludes anyone else having pleasure in the other 23 9/10th hours of a day. Also if you owned a farm and did what you liked Then a neighbour makes an airstrip and claims a big exclusion area over your own land as well that is hardly fair either. My daughter keeps cattle and is thinking that a drone would enable her to double up on her welfare checks but the neighbour runs a micro light from land across the road and it’s now called an airfield. Bb


It’s a shame as the digs I am staying in this week is perfectly placed. I could run my batteries down and recharge as I’m flying
I’m sure I will go fly somewhere else but I keep going back to the same places

Did you ask about flying at certain times? Surely they may be reasonable?


There is no legal requirement regarding a distance from this airfield, only law that applies is endangering an aircraft.

I would read up on the circuit/joining procedures used there and act accordingly

the link from PingSpike will inform

Common sense combined with staying below 400ft AGL, and avoiding the approaches and circuit areas will see you allright


Welcome to Grey Arrows @Pathfinder :slight_smile:

This :point_up:t2:


I was about to ask, but he implied that flights are coming in all day, I think he thinks it’s Manchester airport.
It’s not worth making a fuss about.
I will have a wander about tomorrow afternoon and see if he’s being totally honest with me.



Well if you are staying actually in Burcott then you are over a mile away from the airfield and not in line with the runway which I guess is a grass strip. I think these small airfields are more of a problem than big ones.
I recently did a job for a client under my PfCO about 500mm from the end of a small airfield used for microlights and gliders. Got permission and agreed to do the job at a certain time. Fortunately I was just landing the drone when a microlight came in about 10m over the field I had just been flying over. I spoke to the airfield manager and he couldn’t care less. I pointed out that no doubt the blame (wrongly as I had his pernission and was well within the time limit) would have been laid at my door as the drone pilot. Its time these small places realised that drones are aircraft under the CAAs eyes like any other and have a right to use the airspace. Whilst I agree that it’s a good idea not to unduly upset folks you have rights as well and should be able to enjoy them without being looked on as a pest and second class just because you are flying a UAV rather than a manned aircraft. I would be inclined to ring them and say you will be flying outside his limit at a certain time.


Thanks Briwy
The weather wasn’t exactly fabulous for a session today so I went for a 2 hr walk instead.
I didn’t see a single aircraft come over.
I totally agree with you regarding the airspace , I think he’s being less than reasonable.
I did the right thing by asking him, though it’s not what I wanted to hear, whether he is right or wrong.
I’m non confrontational by nature so I will let it go.
Unless the weather is tremendous tomorrow morning.
Thanks for responding,


That doesn’t sound right.

I fly (full size) from Rufforth airfield. On a good weather Saturday there will be at least ten aircraft flying around (GA, microlights and Gyrocopters).

It is not a licensed aerodrome and therefore there is no FRZ (nor an ATZ). You could legally fly your drone just off the end of the runway… (With the caveat that it’s illegal to ‘endanger an aircraft’, and you must be ‘reasonably satisfied that the flight can be safely made’). If there’s nobody flying and you are therefore confident then you’re perfectly legal.

I very much doubt your daughter’s neighbour is operating a licensed aerodrome and therefore has an FRZ around it. Does it show on NATS’ map of FRZs?


Just been looking at Nats, from what I determine it’s just down to common sense and follow the drone code , no frz. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.
Here’s a NATS shot for that area.

I tend to use NATS app as my bible for go/no go.

You’re not wrong, it’s what I said in the third or fourth post above. It’s not in a FRZ, you’re good to go.

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Hi to all
On my 83rd Birthday the other week I was given (on permanent loan) a Mavic Air drone to play with.
I have flown it around my house low level (below 90ft) with reasonable success. Towards the front there is a large grassed parkland and beyond that a modest lake so fairly safe to fly with care.
I have taken the CAA test and obtained my license.
Here’s the rub, I now find out (via an App) I am inside the Coventry airport restricted zone by about 600 yards and therefore am required to ask permission to fly.
I don’t intend to fly great distances/Heights just potter around and take videos/photos.
What are the chances of a successful application?

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