Can I use a DJI Air 2 controller with a Mini 2?

Bit of a noob question perhaps, but I can’t find an obvious answer online, so here goes.

I have an Air 2, and love it, but I’ve had an offer of a Mini 2, just the drone itself, no battery or controller. Sourcing a battery is no issue, but would I be able to use the air 2 controller with the mini? They appear to be identical but does the relationship between controller and drone have to be monogamous, or will it just latch onto whichever drone is nearby and switched on?

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No - luckily - since a gathering of drone pilots could have entertaining consequences!

IF it it can be used, they would need to be specifically paired.

  • I’m not sure how many drones a single controller can be paired to - or if the limitation is the number of controllers a single drone can be paired to.

  • both use Occusync 2 … so the biggest usual stumbling block to using a DJI controller for one drone model with another model won’t be an issue.

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Yes you can it’s the same controller you just have to bind it every time you swap the drone


Thank you. I probably should have phrased it better, I’d expect to have some sort of pairing process to swap over, but hopefully that connection isn’t permanent. That’s what you get for trying to post questions and cook lunch at the same time!

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For an Air 2 controller to be paired to a Mini 2 drone, the controller for the Air 2 needs to be on firmware v02.00.1101 or above.

DJI only added support for this back in November.


could try this :+1:t2: should work both ways I guess.

Yes you can I have done it to see if it works.

Be aware that DJI Quad without a controller might be one someone has found!

It would be useless as tied to specific account as far as I’m aware to prevent such things.

Hi im thinking of adding a mini 2 to my air2 collection
Can i pair both mavics to the same controller to save carrying two controllers around or does each controller only allow one drone to be paired with it

Both can use the same controller, but need to be bound each time

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Ah thats not so practicable may as well use separate controllers

Thanks for quick reply

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