Can I use a DJI Mini 2 to conduct a home inspection?

I have a DJI Mini 2. If I wanted to take off from my front garden and also back garden, and video / live stream to my smartphone my top roof gutters for inspection to see if they needed cleaning / clearing, am I right in that I would still be breaching law and or drone codes? My house is a terraced house on a terraced Ave.

Look forward to all thoughts and opinions.

Try this. And offer to do your neighours for free at the same time :+1:


I would say you’re good to go but out of curtesy I’d inform the neighbours next door of your intentions. Chances are they’ll ask you to do theirs too.


You could do it and argue your legality with annoyed people or you could have a word with your close neighbours and tell them what you are doing.

Offer to do a quick scan of their roofs and gutters too, let them see the live stream and, while you’re at it do a quick 360 pano of the neighbourhood.

Win friends and influence people :slight_smile:


Absolutely nothing wrong with what you want to do. It’s under 250gm so it can be flown over your own house, unless you are in a no-fly zone. However, it’s good to tell your neighbours what you’re doing, they might ask for you to check theirs at the same time. It would also be good to take off & land with the drone’s camera facing away from anyone’s property so there’s no chance someone could accuse you of covert filming.


And whatever you do, after flying, don’t pop over to Mrs Salmons house at no 54 and tell her her bedroom decor sucks :crazy_face: :joy:




Similar to this ^^^
I told them it was happening rather than ask them including letting them know the airport had given permission and at the same time offered them Ariel photo’s.
I don’t know what your neighbours are like but if I hadn’t done all of that, I’m sure one or two would have had something to say about it to someone. Instead they enjoyed it.

I would do this regularly if I didn’t live in an FRZ.