Can my work place use my footage on their web site?

Maybe a silly question .
Can my work place use my footage of our work place on the work web site .
Or do i have to have the PICO for this ?

it wasn’t flown for financial gain and you will have had permission to fly from your employer so all should be good.
PfCO is for professionals so someone can get more money out of us


Yep . I have permission to fly on the park and forest .
No money was taken or given .
Thanks for the info .

If anyone ask you had a spotter and followed the drone code
And as every kept visible line of sight (Vlos) throughout


As long as we’re talking existing footage…

If they ask you to do some then it’s PfCO


The CAA use a similar example on their FAQs and their view is no, you dont need PfCO.

They say,

While every case should be judged on its own merits, some types of arrangements are not generally considered by the CAA to be commercial operations such as: Example: A charity, educational establishment, local authority or business acquires a drone which is used (and flown by its own staff) to provide aerial imagery for incorporation into its own promotional material.

That seems similar to your situation. Whilst you own the drone there is no commercial benefit to you. I do some volunteering photography for a charity, and use my drone but as absolutely no commercial benefit, to me I don’t need a PfCO for that, and this was confirmed at the company I did my PfCO training with.

The full info is at this link

Thanks Brian for the full info .
Useful stuff to know .

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I had a similar issue …

I have a friend that wanted me to come and take drone footage of the golf club he’s on the committee for. He wanted it to put on website and possibly in brochures, etc and the potential gain to them was monetary. However, I would be doing it for free. The various forums I was in debated both ways and the main outcome was a lot of snotty PfCO holders who felt their livelihood was being taken away.

Anyway, I specifically asked the CAA making sure to include everything including some of the objections put forward. I got a reply within 2 days and bottom line was that so long as I didn’t profit from it and obeyed all other drone code regs then I was good to go. HTH.


Excellent news . Thanks for the info .