Can you fly? DJI NFZs v UK FRZs and other Air Space

Went to my brothers Nr. Doncaster, Has good area to fly and its surrounded by farm land, so i took the M2P!!

Before i got Mavic out of car i fired up drone assist, it was a high risk area, so I decided to leave mavic in car!

My question is, could I have flown in a “High Risk” area? its about a mile or so from Robinhood Airport! can just see on horizon!

There are lots of good areas around the Doncaster area that are not High Risk, perhaps look for one of those.

Where were you?

I just want some decent aerial shots of there new house! The actual village is Everton (not the football team)

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I live about 5.5miles as the crow flies from Robin Hood Airport and about 3.5 miles from Everton with a great spot overlooking farmland.

Im in that same ‘High Risk’ zone as Everton although on the very south edge of the zone. I do fly quite regularly from my back garden and try to be more vigilant whenever I fly from this location. Checking RH Airport timetable and checking flight radar often as I fly as well as simply looking up to see whats out there.

Its not ideal, but my understanding is that High risk is High Risk, its not a NFZ. Do your checks, make sure you’re happy and get them photos.


You should be ok, but a courtesy call to ATC wouldn’t go amiss.


A good vid from Ikopta on this one :

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Just my two-penneth for what its worth (err… 2p?) – I’d interpret high risk as high risk, by which I mean you would need to be careful and conscious of what is around you. It doesn’t say “prohibited”.


Looks ok to me too:


According to Drone Assist my BMFA affiliated Flying Club is a high risk area :thinking:

So is NATS talking out of its arse then?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who keeps reading the title of this thread in Clarence’s voice from Robocop?


no. its your app/map. zoom in to show just the area you want to fly in - the high risk banner will disappear

Drone assist always shows high risk when in class D airspace, even with class D layer switched off.

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looked on dji flysafe looks like it would have been ok, guess NATS airs on the side of caution!

Thanks people!

Sometimes even NATS/DroneAssist may have the odd bit of erroneous info.
Case in point, the image I posted above that shows the alert that my model flying club’s strip as a high risk area is incorrect. We actually moved the club to a different, and current, location back in 2009.



I wouldn’t trust dji flysafe. Blackpool airport doesn’t get flagged up as any sort of risk area.


This is NOT what NATS is doing - far from it. It’s not being “cautious”.

It’s important to understand the difference between DJI Flysafe and NATS Drone Assist. There are legal implications!

DJI’s Flysafe includes a “global”, rather simplistic, solution to prevent people accidentally flying over major airports and other major, critical installations, and indeed from taking off in these areas. (Note the word “major”!)

DJI doesn’t actually try to impose the genuine national legal restrictions or legislation in any country. Globally there would be just too much data to include in the database and, to be current, updates would be horrendous and frequent.

Consider this …
… imagine, just considering airports and nothing else, the number globally.

Indeed, in the UK, for larger airports the DJI NFZs doesn’t match the CAA’s specification for the size and shape of the UK’s FRZs (which are legal restrictions!), and most smaller airfields don’t feature at all … along with many other smaller restricted zones.

Done Assist, by NATS , on the other hand … it’s UK data for UK drone flying. It advises you of the most important aspect of flying your drone un the UK …. where UK legislation says you cant! … and many other restrictions/advisories that one needs to be aware of (many permanent, some temporary) that just do not feature in DJI Flysafe.

Remember, though, it’s the DJI NFZs that prevent the drone actually taking off … even if it’s all tickety-boo in Drone Assist app. So you may find places you can’t actually fly that are in fact totally legal to fly. These would need to be unlocked by DJI (if it’s really that important to justify the faff).

So - in short - DJI’s Flysafe doesn’t ensure you are flying legally!

Not a perfect situation, but it’s what we have.


I am confused by the Red Orange and Green zones on the Geo map. I know I can never fly in the Red NFZ, but what are the rules for the:
Authorization Zones (yellow)
Enhanced Warning Zones (green)
Warning Zones
Can anyone give me the right link that explains what one can and can not do in these zones?

I don’t know about DJI but on the Drone Scene web site you can click on the zone and it will pop up a balloon with all manner of information for you:


Thank you. I am still not quite clear. Can I fly in a Yellow Zone or do I need some form of authorisation?