Can you legally fly tiny drone anywhere?

I am about to purchase the Happymodel Mobula6 which is an under 30-gram drone with the battery but has a camera on it.
I assume there are no rules for flying indoors as it’s not airspace but if you are to go outside in otherwise restricted area (like outside your house or the park next to it with buildings close by) can you fly legally or it is treated the same as 2kg drone?

This might be a stupid question but i really have no idea.

Inside you can fly fine but outside you still have to adhere to the drone code and any local bylaws, and as for in the garden you still have to maintain distance from people and property as per drone code. :smile:
Hope this helps.

The law applies to any drone and with regard to flight rules does indeed treat a 30g device the same as a 2kg device. The only benefit, which is minimal, is exemption from registration.

“Small unmanned aircraft” means any unmanned aircraft, other than a balloon or a kite, having a mass of not more than 20kg without its fuel but including any articles or equipment installed in or attached to the aircraft at the commencement of its flight

Most of the more restrictive requirements only apply if the SUA has a camera, so disable the camera and you can fly pretty much wherever you want up to 400ft, so long as it’s safe.

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There has been some confusion and downright plain ignorance from some corners of the world where folk believe (and want to believe) a sub 250g can do anything and fly anywhere.

Tis only the registration thats different.

Cant wait till we’re piloting fruit fly sized drones bought from :wink:

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Thanks for the confirmation.
I still find it ridiculous thought, it’s just 30 grams :rofl:

With something that small you won’t want to fly it outside anyway. So I wouldn’t worry too much

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It is ridiculous. Their main concern is privacy. As if your gunna fly a whoop to look at a pair of boobies!

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Suppose it depends on wether it is classed as a toy or not.

Probably not going by the CAA definition.

Toys are products designed or intended (whether or not exclusively) for use in play by children under 14 years old.

The camera thing for sub 250g drones definately needs clarifying.

CAP1789 states,

But even if the unmanned aircraft is less than 250g in mass, they must also register themselves when it is:
• equipped with a sensor that can capture personal data (i.e. a camera or ‘listening device’), unless it is classed as a toy.

For whoops without an onboard DVR, they might have a camera but they cant “capture personal data”.

Shame though, cos the goggles may certainly have a DVR. But the quality is so low!

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It’s really missing a class for whoops etc.

C0 Toy class should be expanded to take in micro drones with a camera solely for FPV flight.

Fully agree Callum.

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What about public space but indoors?
I saw this video of a guy flying inside an airport??

Is that legal?
To extend the question, would you need a pfco if you make money from flying indoors?

No, the CAA don’t control any indoor airspace :blush: