Cannock Chase

Shot this today whilst out with @Matty1 @Proteous @notveryprettyboy @garrycorb +oneother :thinking:
The Post Office (BT) Radio comms tower, seems it’s been decommisioned now, when I was a kid (long time ago!) it was crammed with microwave horn antennas, looks like it just does cellular stuff now.
Lighting was poor, very overcast, no sunrays to pick out the detail, will have to try again on a sunny day.
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Pity about the weather too Steve but enjoyable anyway, good pic mate :+1:

The Drone Police member of the public? :thinking:

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No, the sixth flyer, embarrassed to say I don’t remember his name :slightly_frowning_face:

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Steviegeek lol

No, there were six of us so still one name eluding me :weary:

Yes that lad with the Phantom 3 , i forgot his name too and spent most of the morning next to him lol

I wasnt there… wish I was, but I wasnt. Lol

Oh sorry, my bad !!

Two names missing then, if you were there please shout up :slightly_smiling_face: