Cannot get crossfire to work on my Vampire 2 HD

I recently bought a PNP Flywoo Vampire 2 HD.

This comes pretty much ready to fly with a DJI air unit installed but they kindly have connected the wiring ready for an additional receiver - in my case a crossfire Rx.

So I’ve linked all of the DJI stuff. Soldered the crossfire Rx into place and tested that the switches all work in the RX tab on betaflight - everything seems to work as expected.

Unfortunately, as soon as I disconnect from betaflight the RX binds to the tx but nothing I do on my tx does anything on the drone even though on betaflight it detects and works as it should.

Pretty sure I’ve just missed something simple but cant work it out. Help!

Nothing at all? What exactly have you tried?

If it was Arming, then you need to power cycle after unplugging from Betaflight or MSP stops it.

Do you have a Buzzer on a switch, does that work?

What about getting the BF OSD menus up?

It won’t arm at all. OSD works in the goggles and the switch I have configured for modes seems to change in the goggles but nothing on the drone.

Unsure if it has a buzzer. Certainly cant hear anything beeping apart from the normal start up beeps

Have you setup an arming switch in your modes tab Howard?

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Yes, all modes are set up and work when connected with the tango 2.

Unconnected from betaflight and nothing

@Howard78 can you share the screen in discord and i couldhelp i use only crossfire

Er. the little tag on the arm row is not in the orange slider bit. You may have to resize it.


thanks, mate - that’s what I get for trying to do this when tired :man_facepalming:t3:

Sadly this didn’t work either

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Will do that now mate - thank you

Odd… did you save the page?

Another screen shot?

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Is it waiting sats? Or have you disabled this


Did you check both ends of the Arm switch as that left end is for disarming?

Very good point probably this

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Thanks again guys for all of your help and suggestions.

Special thanks to @benb1202 for going through a re flash of betaflight and a numerous other changes.

Not sure if it was the new software or the gps suggestion that @notveryprettyboy made.

However either way it’s all sorted now :+1:t2: