Cantley Park Lake, Doncaster

Been down here a few times recently. When its not covered with football teams its a cracking place to fly and see’s a local model flying club practice here most days.


Absolutely stunning photo! Those pitches are an interesting feature/set up haha.

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Thanks @Tuffcutter. It’s a lovely park and well looked after.

Yes the lay out of pitches are all over the place

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Great photo, but what equipment are you using to get that 360 photo?

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You can achieve the same with your M2P. 360 Panorama mode, and upload the resulting image to Kuula.


I used the mini 2 for that.

Standard auto settings and used the pano feature.

Upload to kuula and away we go


Being a novice I have yet to explore this kind of photography. Cheers


I’m still learning but the mini 2 makes it really easy

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Just so random. Does look like a lovely place for a walk though.

It’s well kept as the council have their depot there.

You can walk for miles through the woodland to the racecourse and other woods.

Lovely place when its not too windy