Capturing sound with external microphones

I have been thinking of getting wireless microphones to use at locations to get the natural sound of where i am, has anybody ever tried this and if so was it an improvement over using third party effects?


That’s a great idea Barry, I used to record soundscapes of places when I was out making photographs (street and event photography amongst others).

It could only improve a video and add some authenticity.


I got hubby to do some phone video and used the audio from that for sound effects - and also to record me playing my NA style flute as the backing track… It sort of works, but the quality is not always great - wind noise - so I am hoping to get something like the Pocket2 (or 3 if its out before Xmas) and the wireless mic kit to give us better results…

This link has music and sound effects from the phone with drone video… A Flying Visit - Autumn at Pistyll Rhaeadr, Wales - 4K Drone DJI MINI3 PRO - October 2022 + NA Flute - YouTube

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That’s a great idea.
What would you record the sound on to?

I’ve got wireless Rode mics that I used to use which my dslr to enhance the sound quality over the built in camera mic, but I wouldn’t know what to connect them to unless I used them with a camera ?

Many thanks

Yes i see your point with quality but the opening shot felt more alive with the natural sound of the waterfall just need to contain the scope of sound, did you have a muff?

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Another good point, i am not familiar with using them and did order the holyland M1 but cancelled for this reason and was hoping somebody on here has been there and done it but don’t seem like that’s the case. would need the sound to match the footage so it is not really such a good idea after all.

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No, thats the problem I think, and difficult to add one to his phone, hence I am looking at a wireless mic and perhaps the DJI Pocket 2 or 3 - which will also give me a better camera without having to take out my DSLR - I have a poor phone camera as work provide it and wont upgrade it…

Going to explore the methods more, although the first time we did it, to record the flute at Bryn Celli Ddu worked really well…

Easy to synch, do a clap, like a clapperboard, that gives you the synch… Or if using a phone video then its automatically synched with that video, you just need to synch to the drone footage then…

Maybe something from the Zoom or Tascam range could be the answer?

Zoom make really good quality Audio recording equipment that record the sound straight to an SD card so you can just whip it out and put it in your computer?

There are muffs and socks etc available too to muffle the wind sound.

Maybe something like this would work?

Superb well done mate, just ordered this with a muff, lets see how we get on :grinning:


Only downside is if someone comes up and starts talking to you!

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tell em to foof off and cut that bit out :joy:, will need to move it away from drone flying area so the drone cannot be heard or better still record the area before or after the drone actually goes up. found this sample video and think it is going to do a perfect job, massive thank you to Rolo for this.

Zoom H2n Field Recorder Spatial Audio Tests - Nature Sounds and Waterfall - YouTube


Not a problem @manor1013
Glad to help :+1:
I hadn’t seen that review previously, I’m really impressed with just how much sound that it actually picks up! :flushed:

Let us know how you get on buddy :+1: