Card format for Mavic Mini

Went out for ten mins this morn and did a couple of vids with min, with my new 64gig sd card.
Came home and usually run them through my LG tv and tv would not run them.
checked format on PC and was exfat. PC ran them
What is the format for a 64gig sd card for mini drone. Have now read that anything above 32gig for dji drone should be exfat , is this right.
I was going to format it to fat32 and see if my tv would then run the vids.

Do I leave it at exfat or format it in the drone - will this format it to the right one?

Formatting the card in the drone should select the correct format, I did this with mine after similar problems.


Thanks for reply rob will try that.
All the best
Denis B

I always let the device I’m using format the card, be it drone, camera or whatever.

OSX (especially) has a knack of formatting cards ‘funny’