Care to try this with a few Mavics?

Amazing video of drones doing incredible things. You may have seen it already but it’s worth repeated viewing. I’ve only watched half a dozen times so far. :slight_smile:


Haha, very clever.

I’m sure I have seen something like this on Britain’s Got Talent, not the same guy though

Some clever video editing there at the end.

Litchi waypoint missions could certainly be used with several mavics - Same mission, just stagger the start time on each Mavic.

I like the subtle nod to Close Encounters :wink:


We should totally do something like this one

Sadly, that’s all pre-programmed - and therefore cheating? :wink:

If there were a load of people standing there with remotes I’d be seriously impressed :rofl:

yea but could we not use something like auto pilot to plan?

You probably could as it goes…

Hmmm… maybe we should try something when we have our first formal meet up in the Spring :smiley:

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looking forward to it

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Somebody should have had one hovering and filming from above

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I am open to Shooting on the ground with My Osmo Pro Combo with its X5 Camera. and In 4K Super Slow motion with my Sony RX10 IV.

I’d be more impressed if it was one person with a load of remotes … :wink:


Hi All,
First post… new member.

I saw the Bebop 2 dance at the NEC show Dec 16. Very impressive and fun to watch, but as said, no one picked up a single remote control! The Intel light display was done in the same fashion with 100 quads was more impressive but less aerobatic and more light show.
Intel Light Show
I think that more recently that Intel have done it with 500 quadcopters.

Hi @GTMonster and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Thanks. I appreciate the invite.