Caribbean Bond-villain layer

We’ve now been in Bequia for a month; two weeks in quarantine, and two weeks staying at the house of the owner of the boat we’re buying (as he wasn’t here yet). It’s not the worst place to have to spend some time for free!

Bonus pic (not by drone) - here’s our boat arriving yesterday - we’re moving aboard today!


Not that dissimilar to my view!

… if I close my eyes and dream hard. :wink:

We do have sunshine, though. :+1:


Apart from myself, is everybody on here very rich?



Unfortunately not very rich. The owner of that house is however.

We sold our house to fund the boat (and she’s not the newest of boats! :slight_smile: )

Whatever the cost of the boat, I hope you have many great sailings on her and enjoy yourseves tremendously.
Just watch out for Somali pirates. (Or is that too racist?)


Depends what you mean by rich? If you mean having shed loads of money, then no. But I’ve got everything I want or need so in a sense I am very well off. :smile:


Thank you! Pirates in general are best to avoid! Closest risk to us would be around Venezuela.

Gorgeous, though something about the perspective of that first shot irks me. Might just be the road on top throwing me off.

Happy boating!

Expect to see some good action shots of the boat once you get her

I expect to get an invitation to go crewing! :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re on board… figuring her out before we try flying off her :slight_smile: Never been confident enough before to take off while sailing, but will definitely get some pics while moored at least.

We’re open to visitors. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to actually getting out sailing. We’ve had one quick trip with the previous owner and are doing another tomorrow. Hopefully have another after that and then we’re on our own :grimacing:

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<< packs bags >>

All good fun.
Won’t take you long to get the feel for her.
Whats her make

Prout 45 - or more detail in link @milkmanchris shared :slight_smile:

We’ve been too exhausted since moving on to post much but eventually we’ll post some detail over there.

We’re still working U.K. hours so up at 5am for a 1pm-ish finish, and then dosing through the hot afternoon.

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Great attitude :+1: I have a lot that I want, but not all so I wouldn’t say no to a few ore pennies :grinning:

When I was 25 and married we sold up everything, house , car etc. (that was nearly 50 years ago) and bought a 35 ft boat , taught ourselves to sail and sailed to the Med. (and back. No GPS in those days either! ) You could berth for 20 p a night on a quayside in the Med then. Bit different now.
In 92/93 by which time I managed to get a little house again and eventually a 30 foot boat, (1972 boat, grp sloop) let the house for 2 years, saved up hard and sailed to the Caribbean with new girlfriend of that time. Took us 22 days , 3,000 miles, from the Canary Islands to Grenada . I bet it was quicker by plane. Cheating! We had 5 months great cruising there and then sailed back. Bermuda, then Azores, then Falmouth. 12,000 mile round trip, including a Tropical storm 6 days out from Bermuda en route to the Azores. (16 day passage.)

Did about 70,000 miles in the end. Wrote for a magazine for 9 years. Skippered , instructed, delivered, worked for millionaires in the Med. Had a great life, a lot better than the boring 7 year career I had in London and the 2 hour commute home I had at 25.

Best thing I ever did. Enjoy!

Some people dream about doing it. Some people talk about doing it. Some people DO IT! :upside_down_face:

PS Just a normal boy born in a council house in London. Not a rich kid!! Pic is the trade wind crossing from the Canary Islands.![Atlantic sailing 1992|690x424]
and swimming in the BVI. (upload://9jSqXJVRuC2NPCxdONEn6MuXV8S.jpeg)