Carnforth - Added to Coastal Scenery in North West

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene - Location # 498

Great place to practice flying, generally quite, plenty of spots to park up. easy to get a shot of warton stock car club from here


Nice one @stevesb

Top Shot👍

Pretty sure I took that one with my cx20 in may

Where is this i really struggle with dronescene
Prob me being dumb

Stick this grid ref in googly mps.

Did you click on the link? :thinking:

Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Carnforth - Coastal Scenery in North West


Got it now mate link wasnt working at my end

Found the spot on drone scene this week and took the mini there last night. Surprised how windy it was despite it being calm when I left home in Morecambe but that’s the joy of a large bay.

The parking spot is at ///ridiculed.crew.equity (a what3words address).

Now I know where Carnforth’s waste is processed.

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I like that shot.

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