Carry Case for Mavic2 Pro Fly More Kit


Hi Folks,

I really did not come on here to sell things but…I don’t need this case.

I have a new case with tags, not exactly unused as I did try putting the drone and the batteries and other bits inside it to see how it all worked out.

Apart from trying it out to see what fitted, well that is all I have done with it, the case has never been out of the house or used anywhere else.

It will come in the original box it was supplied in.

Why am I selling? , it is too small for my needs, I like everything in one pack and this case does not do it for me, I cannot get all my shit stuff to fit :neutral_face:

Would £35 delivered in UK be of interest to anyone?


It’s not for me @rorymax but if you could share the make and model it’d help others immensely - rather than them trying to guess how big/small it may be :blush:

And / or a picture, either from your camera or plucked from t’interweb :+1:t2:

PS. Off topic, I’m seriously impressed that you know how to strike through text on here :clap:t2:


Having read your post again…

Is it the DJI case you’re selling? :thinking:


I think that’s the only “Fly More” case there is. :wink:


Ah right, I see…

I read that as “it’ll hold all your fly more kit in the case” :blush:


Holds the Drone and a total of 4 batteries (one in the Quad, 3 separately).
I think the controller fits in an outside pocket if you have 4 batteries and inside if you have 3.
I have this case and for some reason my controller won’t go in :wink:
Nice small compact case


I am sorry I did not explain clearly folks, I will try again with a couple of pics and a link to a youtube video etc.

I bought the DJI ‘Fly More Kit’ for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

I tried fitting the drone and controller and some other bits and bobs in the case, I like to carry a lot of stuff in one bag and this case is not for all the kit I want to carry, hence the reason for sale. It is effectively unused and still with tags.

It is the case only, no batteries or charger or spare propellers or any other bits apart from the shoulder strap and a foam divider panel.

This Amazon link may give more info but I believe know the case can be had for much less than £99.00


Thank you PingSpike, I did not do anything smart-ass clever, just used bbcode: :blush:


I’m loving the M2 flymore bag.

At £35 I’m sure it would make a nice upgrade to someone with the MP one.


I can’t can do it yet too now :wink:
Yaaay! ™


I bought a fantastic little case on eBay for £11. It’s carbon fibre lookalike with a cut foam interior. Takes 3 batteries charger (incl 4 way adapter), drone and controller plus range extender reflectors and phone holder.
On that basis £35 seems a little high!


Bit harsh.

It’s a brand new, authentic DJI bag that sells for £99 at Heliguy and Amazon.


I’m sure that case could be of interest to lots of owners, can you give a link to it, always nice to get a bargain.


I appreciate your comment callum, no worries though,.

It’s up to others what they want to spend their money on, and if they want an aftermarket case it’s OK with me, I have the ‘real thing’ for sale.

I am not going to let this little case become a problem, don’t want to be seen as overcharging, so I will withdraw it from sale, I know it will sell elsewhere, advertising on here was free :+1: so nothing lost.

Now can someone tell me how to change\add to original thread heading to state ‘Withdrawn’ in bold text, so that it is easily noticed.

Cheers Guys,


You shouldn’t have to withdraw it John because someone thinks it’s too much.
It’s a fair price and if they don’t want it then why comment.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



John I can change the post if you so wish but personaly I’d leave it a bit longer.

It’s a fair price and I’d have snapped it up myself If I didn’t already have one.

A lot of people prefer the portability of the DJI bags. It’s easy to place in the bottom of a rucksack. The only thing I didn’t like about the MP one was it was a little tight but think they nailed it with the M2.


I guess a real DJI bag is worth more. Sorry I didn’t mean to offend.


@paul.wingfield , no apology needed Paul, you are entitled to make your comments.

Still would like a link to the case you bought on Amazon and it may be of interest to others.

Have a great festive season.

(This gives me opportunity to say ‘I hope everybody on here has a great Christmas and a Wonderful New Year’).

Cheers all,


I checked and it seems to increased in price a little but this is one of the links on ebay:-