Castell Coch Sunset

The castle of fancy …

Forgotten I’d shot this, and missing being out with my drone (due to weather), so the best I can do is trawl my catalog and edit stuff.


Like that make a nice canvas print :+1:

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Wow amazing!

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Have passed it by so many times but I’ve never seen it look better - great shot Stu :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Lovely shot :ok_hand:

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Adding this to my list of places to go :+1::+1:

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It is a magical place to visit, and in fact the entire castle is a whim of fancy. If you go after closing hours you can still access the grounds as it’s part of the Taff Trail or at least there are wooded footpaths that go through the grounds.

Anyway, just park on the hill or the side street just before it if closed but be prepared for a steep but short slog up to the top.

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Very Nice

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Love it. Great angle.
Brings back memories of living in Gwaelod just up the road.
I reckon you’d get some interesting results playing with the HDR function in Snapseed.
Like this but by someone with more skill!

I do use HDR but purely for blending purposes.

I used to rely heavily on pushing HDR quite hard, until about 5yrs ago, when I found myself disliking my own images because I could see they were “over-egged” for want of a better phrase.

Anyway, these days I “try” to be more conservative on the sharpness, contrast, texture and clarity sliders. Oh, and the dehire as well is nice but in very small amounts. So my original shot is a 3 bracket HDR of 0/+1/-1 blended together and then subtly, I hope, adjusted.

Bet hey - each to there own and there is probably still occasions I might push it past my normal (for these days).