Castle Hill, Huddersfield - Added to Historic Buildings in Yorkshire and the Humber

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene:

Land owner permission requirements unknown.

Grade ll listed Victoria Tower at Castle Hill.


This is from my first flight made yesterday

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I’ve flown here too @mickydd :grin:


I’ve flown here too @mickydd :grin:


I did not think you were permited to fly here, is it permited or not?

What was it that made you think that you couldn’t?

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Yes definitely ok, spoke with the Council warden, just asked that we follow the drone code


@mickydd how goes it my old friend, long time no see

I think it was something on the DJI app the made it seem restricted

Cool thanks I will give it a go

Hi Chris, hope you are keeping well mate.
Usually pop on now and again to check the latest news.
Hope all ok with you and the family.

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All good Mick, getting old though (the kids too)

Look out for the NW meet, rumoured @sparkman999 is attending

Will be good to catch up


When i Went last week the council warden came over offered me a copy of the drone code and
asked me not to fly into the tower if possible😜 . He was fine and explained Kirklees council don’t have a policy on stoping you flying.Just be mindful of your surroundings and other people …

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ok I owe you a lunch Mick if that’s an incentive

Yeh we have the same back in 2018 when post was done i had just done Pfco and had it with me so he was ok with that

You’ve owed me that lunch for 3 years.
Looking forward to it.

When I lived in Almondbury, Castle Hill was always my spot for taking photo’s of any car I might been selling, a great place and less than a mile from my old home

Does that mean you want extra chips and a slice of bread too…


This might interest some of you