Castle Rising, North Norfolk

A beautiful day in North Norfolk, and a great little flight over Castle Rising. This is a lovely village just outside Kings Lynn. Admittedly the site is English Heritage. However the sites are currently closed, and there is a small layby outside the site which provides for launch from the public highway.


Lovely shots - I’m just up the road in Hillington - have done a quick flight around the castle myself - here’s a link to a short video I shot and posted to Instagram -

Some truly awesome shots… I grew up on the edge of Castle Rising… Living on Ennerdale Drive just off Knights Hill when I was born and then moving over to North Wootton at a young age… I know Lord Howard well, who owns most of the land in and around Castle Rising too. I’ve never flown over the castle but I think I’m going to go there today - weather permitting.

Thanks Harsh.
Enjoy the flight.
Lovely scenery there

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