Caton Moor Wind Farm

Todays outing was a nervous one as I’d read some stories of turbines affecting drones. Anyway after a slow start and keeping of my distance (and the use of zoom!) i managed to cobble this together. Hope you like it :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:


Great video. Thanks for sharing.

Great edit, I love the merges
Great choice of music
Really nice and relaxing
Well done

Cheers Steve, much appreciated

I really enjoyed this, the music, the sky & the turbines work superbly well together.

Thanks pal, I’m getting there slowly but surely :+1:

You don’t need to worry about the turbines affecting the drone, but would exercise caution if they are turning quickly.
I have flown at Caton Moor a few times, sometimes within a couple of feet from the turbines.

Great video
On my list to do wind turbines
I find them so majestic.

That good to know Steve thanks :+1: I might have to pay it another visit sometime

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Thanks Olly, i agree there’s something about them isn’t there

2 examples of how close you can be

Easy on a still one ;o)

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Yeah and i was surprised how quickly they can start to move! Great close up footage though


Not through the blades :wink: but quite close today at Caton.