Caught on Camera

Whilst doing a job in Goole today got snapped by @milkmanchris who I met up with whilst over in Goole absolutely pea soup and abandoned
Thanks Chris :+1:


The next time someone says they can’t take off from a National Trust area or they don’t know where to fly from, I’m just gonna point them to the last photo here :smiley:


I’ve said the same of The New Forest, several times over the last 3 years.
The roads don’t belong to the National Park - they (most at least) belong to the New Forest District Council … and there are plenty of really quiet ones that offer plenty of time between vehicles to take off and to hover to wait to land.
I’ve even managed a flight of over 15 minutes without there being a single vehicle.

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Road was closed off by company I was flying for ha ha :+1:

That’s just being lazy and unimaginative! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha ha it was an experience being able to do that but a load of brainless lycra short brigade cyclists went through road shut signage lol


Instead of cones for TOAL ( which I did not need to use )might be a good idea to get a small set of traffic lights to cordon a TOAL area on a road it’s given me a idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A guy that lives about 15 houses from me works for a company that rents out mobile, temporary, traffic light systems.
I need to bump into him … when I just happen to have my pockets filled with cans/bottles of excellent beer. :+1:

I think it’s a great idea who would question it lol

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With suitable hiviz, you could probably set up on NT property halfway up the driveway to the Big House.
PMSL! :+1::+1:

Ha ha look official! Job done :+1:

#BBB ! :+1:

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Great to meet you today @Mungmeister, shame the weather was so shite, but then again the weather is what brought you that gig in :wink:

Thanks @milkmanchris you too, looking at Wednesday for return will txt you :+1:

Good to see you guys getting out.
Was very bad with fog over In Doncaster yesterday too.

Just one question.
It’s the green thing on the mavic an additional light?

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I don’t think they’d stop the lycra short brigade cyclists, they’re a law unto themselves


Yes it’s a luma cube comes with red and green top, I believe new rules will require a green one

I need to read up on these new rules then!

I thought I’d read that legacy drones were not included in this, saying that I’ve read that much recently…

Well it’s added Safety either way :+1: